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Andy Bannister

Can Modern Science be Found in the Qu'ran?

An excert from: A general rebuttal of this Muslim polemic by Andy Bannister

The very nature of the Qur’an means that Muslims often have alternative interpretations of what a particular verse means. There is nothing wrong with this; exegesis is often a difficult, tricky business, especially when we do not know the exact historical context in which a particular verse was revealed. For example, consider Dhu Al-Qarnayn/Zul-qarnain in the Qur’an. Muslims are divided over who this mysterious traveller, referred to in Sura 18, actually is. Some (e.g. Yusuf Ali) believed him to be Alexander the Great, others disagree and have other theories as to his identity, such as Cyrus the Great. There is plenty of room for healthy debate.

However, those who preach the "modern science proves the Qur’an" argument are not relying upon what a particular verse says, but upon their interpretation. In fact, it might be better to rename their position as the "Belief that an interpretation of the Qur’an contains modern science demonstrates that it is from Allah." No verse in the Qur’an has yet been found to contain outright science.

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